We Welcome you to Our Home; La Ernestina

Estancia La Ernestina was founded in 1907 and it has remained in our family ever since. We welcome you to our home and the chance to see a traditional sheep farm working alongside the wildlife of Punta Norte. With the ocean at our doorstep we have the unique opportunity to show take you to our private beaches. © La Ernestina.

Built alongside the existing Estancia (Ranch) buildings, our cozy boutique accommodation gives you the opportunity to stay on a working merino sheep farm. This is our home and we enjoy the chance to show you this unique part of the world.

Estancia La Ernestina was founded as a merino sheep farm and to this day the farm hands work alongside the accommodation. © La Ernestina.

The Rooms

The rooms are configured as twin shares or double beds. If you wish to add another bed to the room that typically can be arranged. Each room has an ensuite with a shower (hot and cold running water), hand basin and toilet. Each room has a gas heater and during the evenings the generator supplies power for charging your devices.

The guest accommodation is adjacent to the sitting room (which features a real wood fire) and the dinning room where breakfast and dinner is served. Our lunch is typically done in a picnic-style and taken with us on our excursions so we can eat while sitting on the beach and making the most out of the chance to spot wildlife. © La Ernestina.
Welcoming lights guide you back to your accommodation at night as you walk past the replica of the El Faro (the lighthouse) an icon on our ranch. © La Ernestina.
A full moon rises over Punta Norte and El Faro at the northern most point of Estancia La Ernestina and Península Valdés. © La Ernestina.
The Estancia buildings retain their traditional style and colours; with a building from the 1900’s on the left to a building from the 1990’s on the right and the sheep pens in the foreground. © La Ernestina.

With only six rooms for guests, our groups are small and this also allows us to all dine together each evening. Each night the food is prepared on site by our local team who pride themselves on delivering food that is not only satisfying, but which is of a high caliber.

The traditional sitting room hosts a collection of antiques from the original family collection as well as a full-size replica orca skull which allows our guests to appreciate the species in a unique way. We also have a small collection of reference books in our library, which includes bird and mammal identification guides.
The self-serve bar includes an impressive array of fine Argentinean wines. The fridge is stocked with a variety of soft-drinks (sodas).


Please be aware that as Estancia La Ernestina is more than 70 km from the nearest village we have only limited wifi capabilities (emails only, no internet browsing and only when the generator is running).

But the good thing is that this makes for a valid excuse to get away from the stress of being connected; tell your boss that you will be ‘off the grid’ and let the adventure begin! (But, we do encourage you to download any books, files or software you think you may want during your stay, such as the bird identification app).

Flamingos passing by La Ernestina. Photo © Mark Enarson.

Parking & Using your Vehicle

Our excursions typically involve ‘off-road’ sections and as such we use sturdy 4×4 Land Rovers (or similar). © La Ernestina.

There is ample parking at La Ernestina. Please note that you will not be able to take your own vehicle on the excursions. This is because of your own insurance (it likely won’t cover ‘off road’ trips), but also for our own liabilities. We have sturdy Land Rovers (or similar) and our team will drive you when we go on excursions.

Our jeeps with a guests vehicle. There is plenty of room for you to park your car at our place. © La Ernestina.


We take the guests who are staying with us on daily excursions to areas that the public can not reach. We have over a century of family knowledge about where the wildlife can be found. Come stay, unwind and enjoy nature at Estancia La Ernestina. You can view some images from our excursions and learn about what what clothes to wear and what camera gear to bring and when is the best time to see the wildlife on other sections of our website.