During their stay our guests have the opportunity to try a selection of traditional Argentine meals.  This can include the finest Patagonian lamb/ sheep grown directly on Estantica La Ernestina and cooked over the hot coals in an ‘asado’ (Argentinean style barbeque), locally sourced seafood, paella (a typical rice dish) and the mouth-watering desert known as ‘dulce de leche’. 

Where possible we source our vegetables locally (and yes, we can also cater for vegetarians so please advise us when you book).  Most of what you find on our menu is made on-site including home-made pasta and our delicious home-made desserts.  Top the meal off with the finest Patagonian wines and spirits sourced from around the country.

Enjoy local wines with your meal (a selection of non-alcoholic drinks is also available).
Our cozy dining room with our self-serve bar and a selection of Argentinean wines.
After a magic day at the beach, here we are gathered in the special ‘asado’ (barbeque) room for empanadas made on site and freshly made bread, followed by the chorizo (spicy sausage) and lamb roasted over the hot coals.
Lamb and chorizo’s cooking in the asado at La Ernestina.
Our world-class chef joins the gaucho (Argentinean skilled horseman) who lives and works on our farm) as the meat is sliced for serving.
Sourced directly from our farm, the roast lamb is a highlight (but yes, we do have vegetables too!).