On April 10, 1907 Santiago Copello bought what today is Estancia La Ernestina in a public auction and named it after his wife Mrs. Ernestina Podest√°. The Estancia has raised Australian Merino sheep since its early days.

This historic photograph (circa 1912) shows the export of wool. © La Ernestina.

Over 90 years later, the fourth Copello generation now shares this natural treasure with their guests.  They provided boutique accommodation and their visitors are able to enjoy watching a wide range of wildlife including the iconic orca (killer whales) as well as Southern elephant seals, South American sea lions, penguins and Southern right whales. There is a range of other animals including foxes, armadillos and other land fauna as well as many different species of birds.  See our Wildlife Calendar for some examples.

The spectacular scenery, along with the wild and rugged coastline provides a unique chance to stay inside a UNESCO World Heritage Site

View from the lighthouse with the Landrover