Estancia La Ernestina is situated on the northern most point (Punta Norte) of Península Valdés, which is itself a UNESCO World Heritage site, designated so because of its importance to all the wildlife.

Learn more about Estancia La Ernestina in the History page. © La Ernestina.

The Estancia is comprised of 15,000 hectares of farmland in which the sheep graze side-by-side with the wildlife. 

La Ernestina has one of the highest concentrations of marine mammals and birds in the whole of Península Valdés (see our Wildlife Calendar for just a few examples). 

The 20 km of coastline that is part of Estancia La Ernestina allows for you to have exclusive access to the beach when accompanied by one of our guides.

Estancia La Ernestina provides the only accommodation at Punta Norte. © La Ernestina.

We endeavour to spend time each day out on the ranch and at the beach with you, looking for wildlife.  Once the wildlife is located, we sit quietly watching and photographing the animals.  Our goal is to show you the nature that we love and respect. Learn more about our Excursions.

We are also home to the scientific research project Punta Norte Orca Research and during the orca season you may be joined on the beach, or have dinner with, one or more of the PNOR researchers. Juan Copello, your host at La Ernestina is one of the co-founders of the research and he is arguably the most experienced person in the world when it comes to the orca of Punta Norte, as he has witnessed more than 2,000 attacks and knows each orca by name.