La Ernestina is a 15 000 hectare sheep farm, located on Península Valdés, a UNESCO World Heritage site. Established in 1907, this property plays host to one of the great events in nature. A group of orca have mastered the art of intentionally stranding on these pebble beaches to capture sea lion pups and occasionally elephant seals. These spectacular predatory events can be witnessed nowhere else in the world. Juan Copello and Punta Orca Research team study the orca at the beaches of La Ernestina daily between March and May every year. For more information about our location, click the following link:

Punta Norte Orca Research was founded in 2004 to study this unique orca population. The majority of the field research is conducted between March and May each year when the orca are most frequently around Punta Norte hunting sea lion pups. Each day, the team works to spot the orca and when they are present collects observational and photographic data regarding their activities. The data collected in this way forms the basis of the scholarly articles produced by the team. Our researchers also publish an annual ID Guide with information and identifying photos for the Punta Norte orca population. For more information about our research click here:

Estancia La Ernestina also provides the opportunity for guests of the estancia to join the research team as we observe and document the orca activity at Punta Norte. Many of the beaches where the orca hunt are accessible only to our researchers and guests. Orca presence around Punta Norte is sporadic, but overall averages around 40% of days between March and May. In order to have a reasonable opportunity to see the orca, a minimum stay of five days is required. Please click the link to learn more about this unique opportunity.

Film Crews

La Ernestina has hosted many top film crews who have come to capture sequences of the amazing orca hunting at Punta Norte. We are experienced in providing professional guiding and logistical support to professional film crews. For information about the services we provide and the supports available in this remote location, visit the following page.

To contact us regarding an orca trip or regarding a proposed film shoot, contact us at or complete the contact form at this link: