La Ernestina


If you’ve seen the orca in the documentaries, if you’ve heard that there might be a chance to see them yourself and now you want to head off on that adventure …. this is where you start!

Orca hunt on the beaches of Punta Norte between February and May. Estancia La Ernestina has exclusive access to most of these beaches. Photo © La Ernestina.

Keeping in mind that the orca who visit Punta Norte are wild and there are a number of factors that influence their comings-and-goings, La Ernestina is the place to be, as it is situated at the core of where the orca action is.

Our Estancia (ranch) was established in 1907 and has been in the family ever since. From that moment on we have been fascinated with the wildlife that abounds here. Read about our history and find out more about our activities, when the different animals are best observed and what types of rooms we have available.

Join me, Juan Copello, at the place both the orca and I call home.