Punta Norte Orca Research (PNOR) was founded in 2004 after Ingrid Visser, one of the world leading orca researchers, met Juan at Punta Norte. PNOR is an international non-profit organization dedicated to the study of the unique orca ecotype that lives around Península Valdés. The organization is also focused on the protection of the orca from direct and indirect threats to their well-being and survival.

Mission Statement

To scientifically study and better understand the unique population of orca in this area, including their distribution and foraging techniques. We seek to educate the public about these animals and their delicate environment and to create a legacy of increased protection.

The research and publications of PNOR are founded mainly on the field research conducted by Juan and other affiliated members of the team. Data on the conditions and orca activity are gathered through the season. Photos are another key element of the research documenting the identity and activity of the orca. The photos also contribute data regarding other aspect of their health and biology. Any photos that guests and the general public are willing to share with PNOR can contribute to the cause.

Photos we collect contribute to the publication of an annual ID guide which allows identification of the individuals in the population using their eye patches, saddle patches and flukes. Each of these orca body parts has unique pigmentation that helps distinguish an individual but can change over time requiring annual updates.


PNOR is a volunteer NGO which depends on public support. Click here to visit the PNOR website where you can learn more information about PNOR, its activities and publications.

ID Guide

PNOR produces a new ID guide each year documenting the changes in the orca and their markings. The guide can be downloaded here: